I write mysteries because I love the genre. My books reflect my enthusiasms: wild orchids, food, memorable people and places, personable dogs, intriguing puzzles. What do I want to give my readers? A gripping story and a transporting time away. Michelle Wan [Photo].

Writing opens up many realities for both the writer and the reader. My realities? I was born in China, lived in India, the U.S., Brazil and France, earned degrees in Anthropology and Geography, worked in many different fields, and traveled a lot. My writing reflects my experiences—as on the day, in the Dordogne in southwest France, when I found my first wild orchid. It suddenly came together: murder, orchids, and the Dordogne. I as a writer draw on my life experiences. You as a reader draw on yours. And between us something special happens: a new reality of the mind shared through the medium of the written word. I hope you enjoy my books. I write them for you.

Michelle lives in Guelph, Ontario, with her husband Tim. Her books have been published in Canada, the U.S., Germany, Italy, Holland, and Japan.

Deadly Slipper Book Cover

Deadly Slipper (2005)

The fate of a missing woman is tied to the hunt for an astounding, unknown Slipper Orchid.

“Not since Nero Wolfe has such a fragrant combination of orchid lore and suspense found its way into a mystery novel.” ~ Booklist

“Full of vicarious thrills, offering sensory indulgences of the floral and culinary kind, with a dash of romance as spice.” ~San Francisco Chronicle

The Orchid Shroud Book Cover

The Orchid Shroud (2006)

An embroidered representation of the mystery orchid reveals horrific things. Does a monster stalk the quiet forests of the Dordogne?

“Terrific...Wan's characters are well made and the story really clicks.”
~ The Globe and Mail

“Wan carefully sets the stage, introducing her cast of characters and weaving plot details...until, voilà, there’s a full-blown, spellbinding mystery.” ~ Library Journal

“[Wan] shows a mastery of mystery and an unmatched flair for the genre.”
~ Edmonton Journal

A Twist of Orchids Book Cover

A Twist of Orchids (2008)

Orchids and drugs are linked to a murderous midnight apparition with a rhyming burglar thrown in for fun.

“The third novel in Wan’s delightful Death in the Dordogne series. Who knew that Guelph, Ont., could generate such Gallic glory?” ~ The Globe and Mail

“With its sensuous language and evocative imagery Wan’s story of its twist of orchids and twists of fate has action galore and sustenance aplenty to tickle the palates of even the most discriminating of...mystery lovers.” ~ Mysterious Reviews

To Kill for an Orchid - February 2010

Kill for an Orchid (2010)

A list of names hidden among a dead woman’s effects links to a killer. A pharmaceutical giant seeks to conceal its predatory dealings. Will the origin of the unknown Slipper Orchid prove to be rooted in blood? The fourth in the Death in the Dordogne series spans two hemispheres and three centuries to piece together a story of greed, obsession and deadly commercial interests. "…increasingly adroit…" ~ More Magazine

Rapid Reads

When I Kill You - February 2012

When I Kill You (2012)

Postal worker and aspiring mud wrestling champ Gina Lopez becomes an unwilling hit woman in this hilarious and sometimes slippery foray into mud wrestling, blackmail and assassination. Gina discovers that there is no "how to" primer for committing murder. "…A good read, well written. Highly recommended." ~ CM Magazine

IOU Dead - 2012

IOU DEAD (2015)

When you discover the identity of a serial killer you have three choices: Go to the cops. Profit from your knowledge. Run for your life. Keno is a debt collector who works the city’s mean streets. He and his partner Jaco catch "The Hammer" at the scene of his latest crime, and opportunistic Jaco sees a way to easy money. But the killer turns the tables on them. Now they're on the run . . . until Keno realizes that the killer's next target is someone he cares about.

When I Kill You and IOU DEAD are fast-paced novels that can be read in a single sitting. They are part of the increasingly popular Rapid Reads series of short books targeting a diverse audience—reluctant readers, those seeking to develop their English and literacy skills, and those simply wanting a quick, entertaining read.

Photo of Michelle Wan: Dave Carter, Guelph Mercury
Photos of Cypripedium wardii and Cypripedium farreri: Tim Johnson

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